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The Secret Mystery

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Anonymous: why are you so flawless amg ugh

I have lots of sex, and I haven’t showered or pooped in three days.

Normally, relationships are horribly sticky, wonderful adventures that are oh so difficult to work through. With each person you meet, there is such a slim shot you’ll ever be able to survive a pleasant conversation with them, much less fall in love with them. 

For me, relationships just seem so much more difficult. 

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It’s really easy to distinguish between friends and those who use you based off of how the act when they walk by you. Friends will always greet you with a smile, a minimum, and attempt to have a conversation with you, taking into account if one of you is really busy. Those that are not friends will walk right on by you, maybe with a half-hearted hello, unless they happen to need something. 


“money doesn’t buy happiness”

let me test this hypothesis


what’s the point of hot boys if none are mine


say something im giving up on school


"are you a good kisser"

what kind of question is that like how am i supposed to know???? i can’t kiss myself

fun things to do in arizona


•throw cactuses at ppl
•go outside and see how long u can last
•coyote hunting
•eat dirt
•heat stroke
•old ppl
•drink arizona ice tea
•still nothing